TWIL Approval Cycle

As an Admin open the Groups from the main menu.  On the Group Information screen the Admin can see if the "Require Approvals" is set to "On" or "Off" under the General Settings section. To change the Require Approvals setting the Admin can select the "Edit Group" button to make Group changes

Once the admin is in the Edit Group and on the "General Settings Tab" the admin just needs to Check the box for "Administrator must approve user created TWILs before they are published" check box.  Once the admin updates the group via the "Update Organization button" all user loaded TWILs will need to be approved.

Admins will receive an email notification that there is an Approval Pending and there will also see a Notification at the top of the Admin Screen with a number indication the number of Approval waiting.

Admins can hover over the Notification at the top of the screen and select a TWIL to view and approve or they can select the "View all approvals (#)" to see all pending approvals.

The Admin can also select the TWILs option from the Manage TWILs area and go to the Approvals tab to see pending TWIL approvals

Note the Admin can filter the approvals based on All Approvals or based on the TWIL Approvals cycle statuses of Pending Approvals, Updates Requested and Denied

Once the Admin is Viewing on the Edit TWIL screen for an Approval, the admin can update the General Info of the TWIL or they can change the Approval Status to Approved, Updates Requested or Denied and Comment back to the user if they need to

The End Users will see a Note that tells them their TWIL was sent for Admin Approval and they will see a new section, auto generated if the approvals are turned on, Waiting on Approval with the approval status on the TWIL.

 The user updates the TWIL the same way as the admin did, but the user cannot sent comments back tot he Admin.  Comments are admin to user only.



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